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    • Summary:

      Monband participate in the Kenya's Flower Industry Expo as MONBAND-LIVATTY.

      We are receiving many customers who interest in our fertilizers,we have customizeed fertilizers siutable for flowers.

      Welcome to our booth: F2.10

      Our email: info@jitainy.com

      There are some scenes during the expo:Details>>

    • Summary:

      Nutrient Contents:

      Humic acid≥8%; Nitrogen:8%; P2O5:44%


      Improve plant resistance ability,

      Promote root growing and enlarging,

      Improve the taste of fruits,and so on.Details>>

    • Summary:

      Super Gena

      Features: Soil side dressing fertilizer

      Nutrient contents:

      Humic Acid≥4%;

      Total Nitrogen:8%;



    • Summary:


      Classification: Soil side Fertigation

      Founctioal Fertilizer

      Packing: 40kg/bag

      Nutrient: beneficial bacteria ≥ 2.0billion/g;

      organic nutrients ≥ 50.0%Details>>

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